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Hi!I'm Annabella (Nickname Sagi),I'm 14 years old, and in this blog I'll post everything i like so much about Nintendo 3DS games :)

I’m seriously shocked that Leon has never gotten any kind of shirtless costume. I mean, considering how much of a fangirl/fanboy base he got after RE4, it would’ve been a no Brainer to give him one. Yet, Chris has gotten 2 costumes. Heck, even Sailor costumes shows a bit of his chest, as well thighs. Closest thing Leon has gotten is skintight shirts at the end of Degeneration and Damnation. Capcom! Y U NO give Leon teh shirtless?!

yes please!!!
Ok.Jill Valentine is on the sushi.I love this game,more and more everyday xD
I’ve made another work with XNA for this couple <3